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 cauliflower tabouli
salads on buffet


Variety of salads we produce can be unlimited, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with all of your questions and requirements 


Ask about custom Buddha Bowls for your next event Starting @ $18.5 each

(minimum order 20 units)



Individual 8 Ounce Bowl Salads complete w’ Fork, $8.5 per Box


Individual 20 Ounce Bowl Salads complete w’ Fork, $16.5 per Box

(minimum of 10 units of each type to place an order)




Bowl Salads w’ Serving Utensils

Small $65

Large $140

Garden Salad of Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum, Red Onion and Mixed Baby Leaf (Ve / GF)

Creamy Basil pesto, Pasta Salad w’ Semi Dried Tomato and Red Onion (v)

Thai Beef salad w’ a Soy, Tamarind and Lime Dressing, Shredded Asian Vege and Vermicelli Rice Noodle (GF)

Roast Mediterranean Vegetables Roasted w’ Garlic and Oregano, Tossed w’ a light Balsamic Dressing (Ve / GF)

Moroccan Cous Cous w' Felafel, Cucumber and Harissa Yoghurt

Caramelized Beetroot, Green Beans and feta salad (V / GF)

Vietnamese Chicken w’ Asian Herbs and Crisp Greens (GF)

Pasta Salad w’ Shredded Vegetable and Grain Mustard Dressing (Ve)

Traditional Greek Salad w’ White Sheep Feta and Fresh Herbs (V / GF)

Spanish Spiced Rice Salad w’ Roast Red Pepper, Green Onion and Grilled Corn (Ve / GF)

Chicken Caesar w' Grilled Bacon and Crisp Cos Lettuce

Cauliflower Tabbouleh w' Toasted Almonds and Pomegranate

Roast Pumpkin, Feta, Cashew and Baby Leaf (V / GF)

Quinoa, Roast Sweet Potato and Roquette Salad (Ve / GF)

Broccoli, Sesame and Teriyaki Salmon Salad w’ Crisp Asian Vegetables (GF)



cous cous salad
indivual salad bowl
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