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**Due to consistent prices increases, bio-pack plates / cups / cutlery and service utensils can no longer be provided free of charge**


Please request via email should you require plates / etc with your order

Single Sessions - Morning tea / Lunch /  Afternoon tea $0.50pp

Full day $1.20pp

Cups - $0.20pp

Cutlery $0.30pp



Cookies (3pp) - $5

House Baked Biscuits and Cookies, chefs choice 3pp

Danish (1) Mini Muffin (2) - $7.5

Sweet Surprise - $8.2

Assortment of House Made Cakes / Muffins / Friands / Biscuits / Slice, chefs selection 3pp

Scones (1.5 pp) - $5.5

Traditional Scones w' Strawberry Jam and Chantilly Cream

House Baked Daily 

Danishes (2pp) - $5.5

Selection of Glazed Petite Danish Pastries

Individual Items 

Orange and Almond Cake - $6.5

Pain Au Chocolat - $6.5

Petite Jam Doughnuts w' Cinnamon Sugar (2 per serve) - $6.0

Fresh Sliced Fruit Salad Tubs - $5.5

House Toasted Muesli Tub w' Vanilla Bean Yoghurt and Berry Compote - $5.5

Friand (flavors vary) - $6.5

Gluten Free Carrot Cake w' Cream Cheese Icing - $5.5

Jumbo Muffin (Flavors Vary) $5.0


 Sausage Rolls (2) - $7

Chefs Selection of Petite House Made Sausage Rolls w' Tomato Sauce

Mini Quiche (2) - $6.5

Chefs Selection House Baked Mini Quiche, Flavors Vary

Mini Pies (2) - $7.2

Mini House made Beef and Vegetable Pies (2)

Mini Satay Chicken Skewers (2) - $8.0 

W' House Made Peanut Free Satay Sauce

Mini Croissants (2) - $7.2


Ham and Gruyere or Tomato and Gruyere Lightly Toasted Mini Croissants

Frittata (gf / df) - $5.2

Individual Frittata baked Fresh to order - Flavors Vary - Please inquiry

Puff Pastry Pinwheel (2) - $5.5

Ham, Cheese and Herb w' Honey Mustard or Fresh Made Olive Tapenade and Cheese (v)

Cheese Boards - $10.5pp

Trio of Australian and International Cheeses (60g pp) w' Grapes, Dried Fruit, Nuts Assorted Crackers and House Made Flat Bread 


Tea and Coffee

Brewed coffee and Twining's Tea Selection

w’ disposable cups and spoons, 1 service $3.5pp

w’ disposable cups and spoons, delivered in morning and refreshed at lunch $5pp

Crockery Hire available @ $ 1.5pp for half day and $2pp for full day

Cold Beverages

Sparkling Mineral Water 1.5lt - $9.50

Spring Water (plastic bottle) - 500ml - $2.50

Beloka Spring Water (glass bottle) -$5.50

Beloka Mineral Water  500ml (glass bottle) $6.50

Eastcoast Cloudy Apple or Orange Juice 2lt $13.50

 Assorted 260ml Noah's Juice  or similar $5.50

Coke / Coke Zero 350ml $4.5





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