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Sandwich (1pp) 1pc Whole Fruit (apple / mandarin etc) 600ml Spring Water $9.5


Sandwiches (1.5 pp) - $9.0

Sandwiches (1) Wraps (0.5) $11.0

Sandwiches, Wrap, Rolls, (5pc pp)  - $15.0 pp



Lunch Pack 1 $14.5 pp


Assorted Gourmet Sandwiches (1.5pp), Seasonal Fruit Platter 

Lunch pack 2 - $19.9 pp


Gourmet Wrap,(1pp) Individual mixed lettuce, Cashew, and Spiced Pumpkin Salad, Fudgy Triple Chocolate Brownie  

Lunch Pack 3 - $19.9 pp


 Quiche Lorraine,(1pp) Individual Mixed lettuce, Tandoori Chicken Salad, 
(vegetarian on request) Jumbo mixed berry muffin - 

Lunch pack 4 - $19.9 pp


Gourmet Turkish Roll, (1pp) Individual Fruit Salad and
Gluten Free orange and almond cake 

Lunch Pack 5 - $19.9 pp


Gourmet Sandwich, (1pp) Topguns Pesto Pasta Salad, Fudgy Triple Chocolate Brownie  

Lunch Pack 6 - $32.5


Chefs Selection Chicken skewers  (gf) (may contain peanuts) 2pc
Goat cheese and Cumin Roasted Beetroot Tartlet (v). 1pc
Spinach and Pumpkin Frittata (v, gf). 1pc
Pork and Veal Sausage Rolls with House Made Tomato Relish. 1pc
Gourmet Ribbon Sandwiches with assorted fillings. 2 pc
Skewers of Seasonal Fruit (v,gf). 1pc 

Hot Lunches - Starting @ $18.5pp

(all minimum order of 10)

Rich Beef Lasagna w' Creamy Béchamel and Greek Salad - $20.5

Pumpkin, Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna w' Garden Salad - $20.5

Carbonara Pasta Bake w' Garden Salad - $19.5

Thai Green Chicken Curry w' Fragrant Jasmine Rice and Baby Leaf Salad - $22.9

Sweet and Sour Pork w’ Grilled Pineapple and Fried Rice. Crunchy Chinese Slaw - $27.5

Country Style Roast Chicken w' Hassel Back Potatoes, Baked Carrot, Peas, Corn Cob and Fresh Dinner Rolls w' Gravy - $30.5

Turkish Mezze: Marinated and Grilled Chicken Breast, Spiced Rice Salad, Selection of House Made Dips, Lamb Kofta, Zucchini Fritters, Tzatziki, Çoban salatası (Turkish Salad) Baby Leaf Salad, Grilled Warm Turkish Bread - $52.5

Beef Lasagna 

 Large – $110 (8 – 10 serves) full Slab $220 (15 – 20 serves)

Rich Napoli Sauce w’ Ground Beef layered w’ House made Lasagna Sheets and finished w’ Creamy Béchamel


Pasta Bakes 

large $90 (8 – 10 serves) Full Slab $180 (15 – 20 serves)

Zucchini and Semi Dried Tomato – (V)

Carbonara w’ Bacon, Mushroom and Thyme Cream

Mac and Cheese w’ Chorizo, Green Pea and Smoked Paprika

Bolognese Pasta Bake w’ Creamy Béchamel

Pulled Chicken w’ Basil Pesto w’ Creamy Sauce


Quiche – Individual $9.5 – large $65

Quiche Lorraine


Spinach and Pumpkin

Roast Vegetable

Tandoori Chicken

Brie, Cranberry and Herb *(not available as large)


Filo Parcel – $13.5

Chicken, Leek and Mushroom
Honey Roasted Pumpkin w’ Caramelized Onion, Spinach and Feta
Baby Spinach and Ricotta
*Savory Beef and Vegetable


Gourmet Pies

Pot Pie – $12.5 / Pastry Pie $11.5

Moroccan Lamb

Beef and Bourguignon

Chicken,  Leek and Sweet Corn

Potato Topped Cottage Pie

Fresh Sliced Fruit Platters

Small – $50

(serves 8 – 10)

Medium – $90

(Serve 12 – 20)

Large – $130

(serves 20 – 30)

Cheese and Nibbles

(serve approx 10)

Cheese Board - $90

Selection of Australian and International Cheeses w' Grapes, Dried Fruit, Nuts Assorted Crackers and House Made Flat Bread 

Dips Platter $80


Trio of House made dips w' fresh cut crudites and selection of crackers and flat bread

Antipasto Platter $150


Variety of Cured Meats and House Grilled Marinated Vegetables with a selection of crackers and flat bread


Tea and Coffee

Brewed coffee and Twining's Tea Selection

w’ disposable cups and spoons, 1 service $3.5pp

w’ disposable cups and spoons, delivered in morning and refreshed at lunch $5pp

Crockery Hire available @ $ 1.5pp for half day and $2pp for full day

Cold Beverages

Sparkling Mineral Water 1.5lt - $5.50

Spring Water (plastic bottle) - 500ml - $2.50

Beloka Spring Water (glass bottle) -$4.50

Beloka Mineral Water  500ml (glass bottle) $5.50

Apple / Orange Juice 1lt $5.50

 Assorted 260ml Noah's Juice  or similar $5.50

Coke / Coke Zero 350ml $3.5

sandwiche and wraps.jpg