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Redbrow Garden Base Prices

The prices listed below are samples only and allow for delivery, set up (pop up kitchen) and service staff for events held @ Redbrow Garden.


**All catering / food options are an additional cost and will vary on a job to job basis**

As Topgun Catering offers numerous different and flexible catering solutions, it is recommended to contact us for an itemized quote, especially in the case of personalized tailored menus.

All standard terms and conditions apply

Barbeque Buffet set up from                     -  $1200  -  Menus Starting @ $35.5pp

Hot Buffets set up from                                -  $1400 -  Menus starting @ $70pp


Canapé / Finger Food (waited)                   -  $2750 -  Wedding Suitable Menu packages                                                                             starting @ $38.5pp                                                                                                                    

Street Food    (waited)                                      -  $2200 -  Menus Starting @                                                                                                           $40pp

Street Food    buffet / short order            -    $1600 -  Menus Starting @ $40pp

(guests pick up food as we cook fresh to order)

Plated Dining (Waited)                                       -  $3000 - Minimum 2 course

                                                                                      menus starting @ $70.5pp

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